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Clinical Research Unit KFO309

The Clinical Research Unit Virus -induced Lung Injury: Pathobiology and Novel Therapeutic Strategies will be funded by the DFG from January 1st 2017

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Minisymposium KFO 309

2017-11-24 until 2017-11-24

Minisymposium of the clinical research unit KFO 309 Friday, 24 November 2017 Institute of Virology, Seminar room, Hans-Meerwein Str. 2; 35043 Marburg

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Christin Peteranderl, PhD was honored

Christin Peteranderl, PhD was honored with the Young Scientist award donated by the von Behring-Röntgen-Stiftung on November 2nd for her Research on new therapeutic strategies for lung injury induced by Influenza A virus.

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Yvonne Vazquez-Armendariz awarded

Yvonne Vazquez-Armendariz was awarded a Poster prize at the International Conference „Innate immunity of the lung – Improving pneumonia outcome“ September 15 to 17 in Berlin for her congress contribution.