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SFB TR84 is funded for an extra year of COVID19 research


The SFB TR 84 Innate Immunity of the Lung application for additional funding of COVID 19 research of the consortium was successfull.


SFB 1021 funding period prolonged until 2024


We are happy to announce that the SFB 1021 was evaluated in March 2021 and will be funded for a third funding period until 2024.


The Imaging unit recently launched services


The Imaging Unit at the Institute for Lung Health (ILH) is located at the Centre for Infections and Genomics of the Lung (CIGL) and is equipped with cutting-edge light microscopy instrumentation.

The users of the Imaging Unit can benefit from dedicated consultation for all steps of their imaging workflow (sample preparation, image acquisition and data handling and analysis). The imaging unit can provide image analysis support by establishing analysis workflows or providing algorithms developed using a number of software (e.g. ImageJ/Fiji, etc.).

On top of the daily support and individual introductions, the imaging unit can provide open workshops and courses for a variety of subjects in the field of light microscopy and image analysis. Additionally, the unit provides regular quality control checks for all instruments ensuring that the optical systems operate within specifications.


Lab team moved to the new CIGL building


In December 2020 most of our lab team moved to the newly established laboratories and offices at the Center for Infections and Genomics of the Lung (CIGL). Great effort was made to move the equipment in record-breaking time. Thanks a lot to all helping hands.

Now the long-awaited lab space and new equipment are available to proceed with our research in an inspiring surrounding with many working groups of our network together in one place.